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What Our Graduates are Doing Now

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Julie Wigley2009Communication and English B.A. Profile Alumnus/20bcaa3.jpgResearch and Marketing Coordinator at WMAR-TV<p>​<em>"I had fantastic experiences at the University of Delaware. I played a major role in the Student Television Station as the President, Program Director, and Producer of our news program. Outside of the Student Television station I was able to gain knowledge through classes and three different internships. At the end of my career at the University of Delaware, I had the privileged of being chosen to produce an award winning documentary." </em>Julie is currently working at WMAR-TV, a former internship, as a Research and Marketing Coordinator.</p> Profile Alumnus/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=17

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What can YOU do with a Communication Degree?
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What Our Graduates are Doing Now
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