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Scholarships and Funding

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<div class="ExternalClassAC539ED3F7DD4CFFA8D83D6E97C3640E"><p> The <a href="" target="_blank">Eric Breindel Memorial Foundation</a> is pleased to announce that applications for the “Eric Breindel College and University Journalism Award,” the nationwide undergraduate competition whose winning prize is unmatched by any institution in the country, are now being accepted. The winner will secure a cash prize of $10,000, as well as a paid internship of his or her choice at either Fox News Channel or the New York Post. In addition, residential housing in New York City will be provided for the winner for the duration of the internship position, if necessary. This is the third year that the Foundation has presented this prestigious journalism award specifically created for undergraduates. </p></div> Scholarships and Funding/DispForm.aspx?ID=1
<div class="ExternalClass3BEFB8D4116245B290BE5B59F3B78CB9"><p>​The <a href="" target="_blank">Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association</a> serves as an official liaison between Associated Press member stations and the Mid-Atlantic Bureau and its staff in Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, DC. The association's board, comprised of radio and television professionals from the region, meets quarterly to discuss issues of signficance to the Associated Press and its members. The board is also responsible for the planning of our annual convention in Ocean City, and other educational and industry-related events.</p></div> Scholarships and Funding/DispForm.aspx?ID=10
<div class="ExternalClassCEE85A15360948DF9725602B1799973A"><p>Journalism and communications majors at the graduate and undergraduate level who are of Greek American heritage may apply for annual scholarships given in the amount of $5,000 in memory of Peter Agris, the late founder and publisher of The Hellenic Chronicle. The non-renewable grants have been offered by the <a href="" target="_blank">Alpha Omega Council of New England</a> and the Agris family since 1993.​</p></div> Scholarships and Funding/DispForm.aspx?ID=11
<div class="ExternalClass95163EF93E384B43BB8D426734B2B21F"><p>​The <a href="" target="_blank">Radio Televison Digital News Foundation</a> (RTDNF) offers graduate and undergraduate scholarships to enrolled students (freshmen excluded) who are pursuing careers in radio, television and digital news. Winners also receive an invitation to the RTDNA Excellence in Journalism Conference. The RTDNF offers professional development opportunities, an open forum for the discussion of ethics, assistance with the development of leadership skills, support of First Amendment issues and the exchange of ideas and perspectives from electronic journalists worldwide. RTDNF sponsors invaluable programs like the RIAS Journalist Exchange in Germany, Sunshine Week, News and Terrorism workshops, scholarships and fellowships for students and new professionals, the High School Journalism program and the First Amendment Dinner. </p></div> Scholarships and Funding/DispForm.aspx?ID=12

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Scholarships and Funding
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Scholarships and Funding
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