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  • Research- and theory-based curriculum with Interpersonal or Mass Communication focus.
  • Top Ph.D.-prep program with a high rate of graduate acceptance into prestigious doctoral programs.
  • Students receive solid professional preparation for positions in public relations, political communication and strategic communication.
  • Students collaborate with faculty on research published in scholarly journals.
  • Among the best faculty/graduate students ratios in the discipline. Class sizes range from 6 to 12 students for most courses.
  • Students mentored through extensive, one-on-one time with key faculty. One of the unique components of our M.A. program lies in each graduate student's level of access to our faculty. We are proud of our strong culture of guidance and interaction which leads to research opportunities, in-depth discussion of course materials, expansion of in-classroom topics, and strong professional relationships.
  • Assistantships provide real-world teaching experiences. Our M.A. program provides graduate teaching assistants comprehensive training in communication instruction. The Basic Course Director trains graduates in "best practices" of teaching strategies, classroom interactions, teaching and learning theories, and practical, hands-on course development, making our graduates attractive to Ph.D. programs.
  • Internships give our students real-world experiences in strategic communication. 

    An opportunity for graduate students that can be a significant learning experience is the graduate internship.  In this program eligible students may take the course, COMM 664, for 3 credits and complete a semester-long internship, typically with a business (such as a public relations firm) within commuting distance of the UD campus. Students have also completed internships with state government officials and/or offices and non-profit organizations. A letter grade is given for this course. Graduate internships are normally taken late in the student’s program.

  • Network with scholars at regional and national Communication conferences. Our graduate students are offered multiple opportunities to attend and present research at preeminent professional conferences in the discipline:  Eastern Communication Association, Southern Communication Association, Western Communication Association, National Communication Association, and International Communication Association. This is rare for masters-level students and affords our students the opportunity to present their own work, network with other scholars in the discipline, and build professional relationships.
  • Unique opportunities to teach your own class. No other COMM M.A. program in the nation offers more in-classroom sole instruction for graduate teaching assistants.  This makes our graduates attractive to Ph.D. programs. The varied teaching opportunities provide rewarding engagement with undergraduate students that builds your resume and at the same time gives our graduates a strong advantage when they seek their first professional or faculty position.
UD COMM M.A. Post Graduation PhD Program Placements
​​​​​​Turner, Jake
​Bowling Green University
​Kallis, Rhiannon
​Indiana University of Pennsylvania
​DeAndrea, Dave
​Michigan State University
​Sen, Ruma
​Ohio University
​Tyrawski, Jen
​Ohio State University
​High, Andy
​Penn State University
​Braddock, Kurt
​Penn State University
​Aloia, Lindsay
​Penn State University
​Steuber, Keli
​Penn State University
​Caplan, Scott
​Purdue University
​Owlett, Jen
​Purdue University
​Potosky, Denise
​Rutgers University
​Kahlenberg, Susan
​Temple University
​Holderman, Lisa
​Temple University
​Bevan, Jen
​University of Georgia
​Dobosh, Melissa
​University of Illinois
​Brummett, Erin
​University of Iowa
​Gerding, Ashton
​University of Missouri
​Nathanson, Amy
​University of Wisconsin
​Eveland, William
​University of Wisconsin
​Boyle, Michael
​University of Wisconsin
​Dudo, Anthony
​University of Wisconsin
​Gilligan, Eileen
​University of Wisconsin
​Veselenak, Davita
​University of Wisconsin
​Arap, Ebru
​University of Indiana-Bloomington
​Haufler, Lauren
​University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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