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Recent Faculty Research & Publications



<div class="ExternalClass2756E575649F4036BFEA4E278343B60B"><p><strong>Angelini, J. R</strong>., Billings, A. C., MacArthur, P. J., Bissell, K., & Smith, L. R. (2014). Competing separately, medalling equally: Racial depictions of athletes in NBC's primetime coverage of the 2012 London Olympic Games. <em>Howard Journal of Communication, 25</em>(2), 115-133<em>.</em><strong></strong></p><p><strong>Angelini, J. R</strong>., MacArthur, P. J., & Billings, A. C. (in press). Spiraling into or out of stereotypes? (2014) NBC's primetime coverage of male figure skaters at the 2010 Olympic Games. <em>Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 33</em>(2), 226-235.</p><p>Billings, A. C., <strong>Angelini, J. R</strong>., MacArthur, P. J., Bissell, K., & Smith, L. R. (2014). (Re)Calling London: The gender frame agenda within NBC's primetime telecast of the 2012 Olympiad. <em>Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 9</em>(1), 38-58.</p><p>Billings, A. C., <strong>Angelini, J. R</strong>., MacArthur, P. J., Bissell, K., Smith, L. R., & Brown, N. A. (2014). Where the gender difference <em>really </em>reside: Analysis of the "big five" sports offered in NBC's primetime telecast of the 2012 London Olympiad. <em>Communication Research Reports, 31</em>(2), 141-153.</p><p>Billings, A. C., <strong>Angelini, J. R.</strong>, MacArthur, P. J., Smith, L. R., & Vincent, J. (2014). Fanfare for the American: NBC's primetime broadcast of the 2012 London Olympiad. <em>Electronic News, 8</em>(2), 101-119<em>.</em></p><p>MacArthur, P. J., <strong>Angelini, J. R.</strong>, Billings, A. C., & March, A. E. (2014). Parallel lines of commentary? The NBC broadcast network's primetime depiction of male gymnasts at the 2012 Olympic Games. <em>Science of Gymnastics, 6</em>(1), 73-84.‚Äč</p></div>
<div class="ExternalClass5DA86D7BC6F7402CB69F780403CE7232"><p>Townson, Clint, <strong>Paul R. Brewer</strong>, and Barbara L. Ley. 2016. "Public Responses to Forensic DNA Testing Backlogs: Media Use and Understandings of Science." <em>Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society </em>35(5-6):158-165.</p><p><strong>Brewer, Paul R</strong>., David C. Wilson, and Michael Habegger. 2016. "Wedding Imagery and Public Support for Gay Marriage." <em>Journal of Homosexuality </em>68(3):1041-1051.</p><p><strong>Brewer, Paul R.</strong>, Michael Habegger, Ruby Harrington, Lindsay H. Hoffman, Philip Edward Jones, and Jennifer L. Lambe. 2016. "Interactivity between Candidates and Citizens on a Social Networking Site: Effects on Perceptions and Vote Intentions." <em>Journal of Experimental Political Science </em>3(1):84-96.<em> </em></p><p><strong>Brewer, Paul. R.</strong> and Jessica McKnight. 2015. "Climate as Comedy: The Effects of Satirical Television News on Climate Change Perceptions." <em>Science Communication </em>37(5):635-657.</p><p>Lefky, Tyler, <strong>Paul R. Brewer</strong>, and Michael Habegger. 2015. "Tweets on Television News: The Nature and Effects of Campaign Coverage of Twitter." <em>Electronic News</em> 9(4):257-269.</p><p><strong>Brewer, Paul R.</strong>, Ralph J. Begleiter, Katherine Anderson, and Meredith Isaacs. 2015. "Using Tablet Devices and Social Media in a Course about the 2012 U.S. Election Campaign." <em>PS: Political Science & Politics </em>48(1):171-175.</p><p><strong>Brewer, Paul R</strong>., Lindsay H. Hoffman, Ruby Harrington, Philip Edward Jones, and Jennifer L. Lambe. 2014. "Public Perceptions Regarding the Authenticity of the 2012 Presidential Candidates." <em>Presidential Studies Quarterly </em>44(4):742-757.</p><p><strong>Brewer, Paul R</strong>. and Barbara L. Ley. 2014. "Contested Evidence: Exposure to Competing Scientific Claims and Public Support for Banning Bisphenol A." <em>Public Understanding of Science </em>23(4):395-410.</p><p>Wilson, David C. and <strong>Paul R. Brewer</strong>. 2013. "The Foundations of Public Opinion on Voter ID Laws: Political Predispositions, Racial Resentment, and Information Effects." <em>Public Opinion Quarterly </em>77(4):962-984.<em> </em></p></div>

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Recent Faculty Research & Publications
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