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Honors Program

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Requirements for an Honors Degree in Communication


​Lambda Pi Eta, Rho Alpha Chapter, Induction Ceremony

Communication Honors Society, Delaware Chapter

Students must complete:

  1. All requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication.
  2. All of the University generic requirements for the Honors Baccalaureate degree.
  3. Twelve credits in Communication Honors courses.  Nine of the Honors credits in the major must be at the 300-level or above and must include at least one 400-level COMM course. 

The following Communication courses are regularly offered as Honors courses:

COMM 256-080: Principles of Communication Theory (recommended for freshman COMI Honors students)

COMM301-080: Communication Research Methods (recommended for sophomore COMI Honors students)

COMM341-080: Theories of Interpersonal Communication (recommended for junior COMM Honors students with an Interpersonal Communication concentration)

COMM370-080: Theories of Media Communication (recommended for junior COMM Honors students with a Media Communication concentration)

COMM490-080: Honors Capstone - Honors Capstone Projects from previous semesters:


Undergrad Research Paper-What Happens After Facebook.docx


Undergrad Research Paper-Is 140 Characters Enough.docx


Undergrad Research Paper-From Facebook to Face-to-Face.docx

Undergrad Research Paper-Social News Sites.docx


Undergrad Research Paper-What Motivates Millennials to Seek News Sources and Engage in Political Discussion.docx

Undergrad Research Paper-Strategies and Attraction in Pursuer and Target Dynamics.docx


                                                            Fake News in the Trump Era.docx


           Does the Medium Matter?: A study regarding how people absorb content from different mediums 

NOTE:  Honors credits can also be earned for other COMM courses through special arrangements with the course instructor and approval from the UD Honor's program office.

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