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Current Undergrads

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‚ÄčAll incoming students initially become Communication Interest (COMI) majors. This includes:  first-year students, students already enrolled at UD who either had different majors or were undeclared, and students transferring from other universities.  Communication Interest majors are required to take a 4 course sequence: COMM245, COMM256, COMM330, and COMM301.  Based on the grades earned (GPA) in these four courses, the top 125 COMI students will be admitted into the Communication major in June of each year.  Only the first grade obtained in any of these four courses will be used to calculate the GPA in the COMI sequence of courses.  Further information is available for transfer students in the FAQ's category in the menu to the left.


12-credit prerequisite to the COMM major:

Communication Interest Major:

COMM 256 Principles of Communication Theory

COMM 245 Media Communication and Culture

COMM 330 Communication and Interpersonal Behavior

COMM 301 Introduction to Communication Research Methods

Please visit Program Information and Requirements to learn more about the study of communication, the department and available resources, career paths, and advisement.

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Current Undergrads