​Graduate studies in


The graduate programs in the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware are vibrant, exciting learning environments offering:
  • Research faculty with a team science model for working with students
  • Collegial climate that facilitates collaborative research pursuits
  • Research and travel support resources
  • Semiannual feedback tailored to each student
  • Individual Development Plans (IDP) to plot student success
  • Assistantships that lead to independent teaching opportunities
  • Innovative, inclusive, and diverse priorities and practice
  • Key areas of expertise in Health Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Media Communication, and Political Communication


​Meet our G​​​raduate Faculty Ad​​visors​​​

Our graduate faculty advisors actively engage ​MA and Ph.D. students in research from the first semester, and support students in developing and publishing their own projects of interest as they progress through the program. Our faculty research expertise is especially strong in the areas of interpersonal, media, political, and health communication.​​​​

James Ang​elin​i​​​

Associate Professor​​​

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John P. Crowley​​​

Associate Professor

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Kami Silk​​​

Professor and Chair

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Amy Bleakley​​​


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Morgan Ellithorpe​​​

Assistant Professor

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Danna Young​​​​


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Scott Caplan


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Jennifer Lambe​​​

Associate Professor

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Paul Brewer​​​


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Lindsay Hoffman​​​

Associate Professor

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​Communication in the News

UD faculty contribute to the national conversation on varied topics​, including
  • Political Communication
  • Health Communication
  • Media Communication
  • Science Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication