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Minors & Affiliated Programs

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Students in a lecture hall listen in to COMM245

Students participate in COMM245: Mass Communication and Culture, the first course in the Department of Communication's mass communication sequence.

​​​​In keeping with the University of Delaware's commitment to interdisciplinary teaching, research and learning, the Department of Communication works in collaboration with other academic departments on campus to provide students with diverse and highly usable skills that are valuable in the workplace.​ Depending on their career goals, students can complete a minor in Advertising, Interactive Media, Journalism or Political Communication.


​The Advertising minor is designed to give students from any major an increased understanding of the concepts of marketing, economics, mass communication and public relations, as well as strategies and tactics of advertising management. Students will gain familiarity with the rapidly changing digital media landscape and examine some of the social and cultural issues inherent in the new media and technologies. To complete a minor in Advertising, students need 18 credits in Economics, Marketing and Communication courses. Learn more about the Advertising minor.

Alumna takes photos with camera

​Julie Wigley (UD '09) takes pictures as part of the "Media Day" campus event.

Interactive Media

The Interactive Media minor gives students opportunities to create and think about contemporary media. Focusing on the Internet, courses in the minor teach students content development and communication theory and practice, as well as production and design skills. Courses in this minor also offer an overview of the ever-changing media landscape, in which it is crucial to develop online content that is relevant, usable, visually effective, creative, informative and manageable. To complete a minor in Interactive Media, students need 18 credits in Art, Computer and Information Science, English, Communication and two elective courses. Learn more about the Interactive Media minor.

Students work in the control room of UD's student television studio located In Pearson Hall.

​Students work in the control room of UD's student television studio located In Pearson Hall.


​The Journalism minor is designed to provide a broad, interdisciplinary approach to journalism education. Coursework focuses on print and broadcast media with a focus on web publishing.  Students are encouraged to explore coursework outside the traditional boundaries of the English and Communication majors to include study in areas such as Economics, Political Science, International Relations and Visual Communications. This minor is open to students majoring in any academic discipline and across all colleges. Eighteen credits are required for the Journalism minor and coursework must include at least two courses outside of a student's major. Learn more about the Journalism minor.

Election Central 2016 held in the Multipurpose Rooms in Trabant University Center, November 8th, 2018.

​Students participate in UD's Election Central 2016, a night of election-themed games and informative panels hosted by the UD Center for Political Communication.

​Political Communication

Students learn concepts of political communication and digital technology as expressed and experienced in political campaigns and public policy debates at both the local and national levels. The minor will encourage University of Delaware students to become leaders in this rapidly developing field. To complete a minor in Political Communication, students need 18 credits in Communication and Political Science courses. Learn more about the Political Communication minor.

​Professor Lindsay Hoffman instructs Joe Winning (UD '09) in COMM329, Broadcast Newswriting, a course requirement for the Journalism minor.

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Minors & Affiliated Programs
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Minors & Affiliated Programs