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Undergraduate Curriculum Learning Goals

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​​Graduates of our program will be able to:

• Deliver clear and effective oral presentations

• Write clearly, concisely, and effectively

• Locate, interpret, and evaluate information

• Comprehend social scientific research

• Apply communication theory and research to real-world contexts

Graduates of the media communication concentration will also be able to:

• Critique the legal, political, ethical, social or cultural forces on the media

 Click here to Link to the University of Delaware's General Education Goals

The goals of the major in Communication at the University of Delaware are closely linked to the University’s General Education Goals. Our learning goals are particularly related to five of the goals.

Goal 1:  Attain effective skills in (a) oral and (b) written communication, (c) quantitative reasoning, and (d) the use of information technology.

Goal 2:  Learn to think critically to solve problems.

Goal 4:  Engage questions of ethics and recognize responsiblities to self, community, and society at large.

Goal 6:  Develop the intellectual curiosity, confidence, and engagement that will lead to lifelong learning.

Goal 7:  Develop the ability to integrate academic knowledge with experiences that extend the boundaries of the classroom.

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Learning Goals
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Undergraduate Curriculum Learning Goals