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Transfer Policy

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Graduate credit earn at another institution will be evaluated at the written request of the student. Such a request will be evaluated by the Department of Communication's Graduate Committee. In order for the transfer to be considered the following are required:

  • The grade earned in the course is no less than a B-.
  • The course was completed at an accredited college or university.
  • The original course syllabus must be submitted with the written request.
  • The course must have an equivalent course in the Department of Communication's course inventory.
  • The course was completed in the last five years.
  • Transferred courses may not have been used in the completion of another degree.

If approved by the Graduate Committee the credits, but not the grades or quality points, are transferable to the University of Delaware graduate records. Credits earned at another institution while the student was classified as a continuing education student at that institution are not eligible to be transferred toward a graduate degree at the University of Delaware. Credits from institutions outside of the United States are generally not transferable to the University of Delaware.

Written requests for a course transfer must be completed using the Graduate Course Transfer form.

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Transfer Policy
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Transfer Policy