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FAQ: Transfer Students Internal

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  •   What courses should I take?

    The answer depends on two factors. First, you may have already taken one or more Communication Interest courses (COMM245, COMM256, COMM301, or COMM330), and there is usually no reason to repeat them.

    If you are transferring from another university or college, it would be in your best interest to contact the Department of Communication soon after you are admitted to U. D. to find out whether any already-taken courses will receive transfer credit as one of the four Communication Interest courses.

    For students transferring from another institution, or students transferring within UD from another major during their sophomore year, the answer also depends on when you begin the Communication Interest major:

    If you begin during the fall semester, assuming you have not taken any of the four Communication Interest courses, you should take COMM256 and COMM330 at that time. Assuming adequate (B or better) performance in these courses, you would then take COMM245 and COMM301 the following spring semester. At the beginning of the summer, the Communication Department will determine, based on your grades in these four courses, whether you will be admitted into the Communication major.

    If you begin during the spring semester, it will be a year and a half before the Department of Communication can determine your admittance into the major.  Transfer students beginning the Communication Interest major in spring should only take COMM245 that first semester; and if you will be receiving transfer credit (from another institution) for COMM245, you might not take any Communication courses that semester. Again assuming adequate (B or better) performance, and again assuming you have not received relevant transfer credit, you would then take COMM256 and COMM330 during the next fall semester and COMM301 during the next spring semester.

    The only exceptions to the latter schedule would be for those rare students who will be receiving transfer credit for both COMM256 and COMM330. In this case, the student should consult with a Communication Faculty advisor.

  •   How do I have a COMM course taken at another institution AFTER being admitted to UD reviewed for transfer credit?
    If you would like to take a COMM course at another U.S. institution while you are an undergraduate student at UD, do not register for it without receiving prior transfer credit approval.  Please visit for detailed and step-by-step instructions.

    If you would like to take a COMM course at an International Institution/Study Abroad while you are an undergraduate student at UD, please visit for detailed and step-by-step instructions.

    Keep in mind that we cannot evaluate non-Communication courses.  Also be aware that some courses that count as Communication in other colleges or universities will not transfer as Communication course equivalents at UD; for example, courses relevant to journalism would probably count as English at the University of Delaware, and courses relevant to advertising as Business Administration.

    If you have questions regarding this process, please email our undergraduate director by clicking here: Communication Transfer Credits

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Transfer Students Internal
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FAQ: Transfer Students Internal
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