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University of Delaware

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  • James Angelini, Associate Professor

    Associate Professor
    Director of Graduate Studies
    University of Delaware
    233B Pearson Hall
    Newark, DE 19716


    Dr. Angelini completed his the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University. His research focuses on the cognitive and emotional responses a viewer experiences while viewing televised sports. His doctoral research examines an individual’s viewing choices, when faced with sports broadcasts featuring male or female athletes as well as masculine or feminine sports, and their physiological responses to these broadcasts. Other research has included studying an individual’s cognitive processing of advertising, an investigation in the differences within the commentary of sporting events based upon the sex, race, and nationality of the athletes competing, and an examination of the amount of food advertising on television that is targeted toward children and teens.

    Courses Regularly Taught:

    COMM206: Sex Violence and the Media

    COMM370: Theories of Mass Communication

    COMM418: Topics in Mass Commuication (Topic: Sports and the Media)​

    COMM423: Communication, Advertising, and the Consumer

    COMM603: Communication Research Methods - Procedures



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