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Masters' Theses

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1982The Effects of Relational Perceptions of the Communicative Satisfaction of Marital Partners Theses/allen.pdf
1980Functionalism And Use And Gratifications: A Comparison And Contrast Theses/allenthesis.pdf
2009T'm Sorry About Your Face: A Study of Face, Politness, and Investment in the Context of Apology Theses/aloia-thesis-90.pdf
1976The Rhetoric of William F. Buckley Jr. and the Universal American Audience Theses/appel.pdf
1998The Dark Side of Cognitive Complexity: Messages that Hurt Theses/bacue.pdf
1975Cicero 's Rhetorical Theory Applied to a Modern Case of Speaking in Defense Theses/susanbartonthesis.pdf
1985An Aesthetic Analysis of Psychological Closure in Television Commercials Theses/bellowsthesis.pdf
1999Understanding the Role of Intrapersonal Uncertainty in the Experience and Epression of Jealousy in Cross-Sex Friendships Theses/bevan.pdf
2001The Effect of Source and Relation Priming on the Relationship Between Pornography Exposure and Attitudes Toward Sex, Women, and Rape. Theses/boylethesis.pdf
2006Looking Beyond Biology: The Impact of Psychological Gender on Small Group Leadership Emergence Theses/kurtbraddockthesis.pdf

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Masters' Theses
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