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Titles and Responsiblities

‚ÄčPresident and Faculty Representative

The President manages officer elections in the spring semester, and selects a first year representative in the fall semester.  They assist with fundraising and other departmental activities as necessary.  The President acts as a representative for the grad student forum to the department as a whole and to outside organizations. They also maintain the forum files as required of a recognized student organization.  If requested, the Graduate Student Forum President attends faculty meetings, reports minutes of these meetings to grad forum members, assists faculty in information-gathering, and provides faculty with graduate student perspectives on items of discussion.  The President may request meetings with the Department Chair, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the Course Director as needed.


The Secretary takes notes and records the minutes on the Instructor Resources page on Sakai, and updates the site's event calendar.  The Secretary also assists the Professional and Intellectual Development Chair with colloquia planning.

Grad Relations and Social Chair

The Grad Relations and Social Chair sends out information to help incoming grad students locate housing and meets with them when they come to town during their pre-acceptance visit in the spring.  The Social Chair helps the Course Director set up mentorships in the fall when new graduate students arrive, and maintains the grad student and alumnae lists (with the technology chair.)  They assist the Course Director with recruiting at the Eastern Communication Association and the National Communication Association conferences, and/or other conferences. The Social Chair also coordinates social activities for grad students.

Professional and Intellectual Development Chair

The Professional and Intellectual Development Chair plans and schedules at least one colloquium or similar activity (i.e., mock panel presentation) per semester that pertains to scholarship or professional development issues. They also review disciplinary LISTSERVs for conferences and other academic opportunities.  When requested by forum members, they coordinate comprehensive exam support groups.  Also, when information on Ph.D. programs or career opportunities becomes available, the Development Chair posts that information on the bulletin board in the Communication grad student office.

Technology Chair

The Technology Chair effectively aids teaching assistants and other grad students with technological resources. They coordinate with the Course Director, the Assistant Course Coordinator, and the Center for Teaching and Learning to update resources and programs available.  The Technology Chair also maintains the Grad Forum website, Facebook page, and the twitter feed and blog.  They work with the Grad Relations Chair on grad student and alumnae lists and contacts, and act to improve the quality of the graduate student experience through the use of technology.

Assistant Course Coordinator (selected by Course Director)

The Assistant Course Coordinator works with the Course Director, Technology Chair, and Center for Teaching and Learning to update information on available resources and programs.  They help plan fall teaching assistant training and coordinate with Grad Relations to contact incoming Department of Communication grad teaching assistants.  The Assistant Course Coordinator also serves as a resource and point of contact for all graduate teaching assistants regarding teaching issues in the absence of the Course Director.

At-large Representative to the Graduate Forum

The At-large Representative attends forum meetings and communicates the concerns of graduate students who are not teaching assistants.  They can also provide the forum with a non-TA prospective.  This representative works with the President and Social Chair to maintain inclusion of all grad students in events and information sharing.  They also work with the Professional and Intellectual Development Chair to help set up colloquia that is relevant to all members of the graduate forum.

First Year Representative to the Graduate Forum

The First Year Representative attends forum meetings and assists forum members by providing first year graduate student perspectives on items of discussion.

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