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Mike Talley
Adjunct Instructor, Television Production
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716


​Mike Talley has served as an adjunct instructor with the Communication Department since 1993. He teaches an undergraduate course entitled Studio Television Production (Communication 325).

Mike has a deep rooted affection for Delaware. He lives in Talleyville, just north of Wilmington, where generations of his family have lived since the late 1600s. Mike’s alma-mater is, of course, the University of Delaware. Talley proudly graduated from UD in 1980 with a degree in Communication.

While attending UD, Mike was actively involved with campus radio, jockeying shows, conducting interviews, writing news, cutting promos, and serving a stint as Public Relations Director for what was then called WXDR (now WVUD).  He also worked as chief engineer for Bacchus Theater in the Perkins Student Center.

Mike’s love of radio and theater production led to a part-time job with WJBR radio while he was still in school. After graduation, Mike moved on to work with WHYY, TV-12, first as the producer of a short segment public affairs program called First Statements, then to more behind-the-scenes production work culminating in his eventual promotion to Studio Production Director and Facilities Coordinator for WHYY in Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA.

Mike’s experience as a television director was primary focused on directing WHYY’s nightly newscast out of the Wilmington studios. In his thirteen years with WHYY, Mike directed literally thousands of live newscasts and plenty of other programs for WHYY.

As his career developed, Talley was responsible for the automation of WHYY’s newsroom and other computer networking and programming activities. Mike also became involved with distance learning programs sponsored by PBS. Eventually, Talley was recruited by the Brandywine School District to become the district’s first Educational Technology Coordinator. Further opportunity presented itself for Mike in the form of a position with Christiana Care Health System, where Mike now works as an IT Project Leader.

Mike’s strong communication industry experience combined with his love of working with students allows him to share his very practical TV production experience in meaningful ways. 

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